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The ongoing convergence of products, web-services, and online social connection is offering companies a unique opportunity to accelerate product adoption by focusing upfront during development and “building” marketing into their offerings.

Based in San Diego, California, Built-In Marketing was founded by Dan Gilbert to help companies focus effort on incorporating marketing capabilities into the upfront product development process, allowing great demand generation synergies from today’s connected markets.

Build revenue acceleration into your products.

The ability to segment your customers, track their behavior, and devise new and more customizable approaches to reach them has changed dramatically with the advent of web-services and the connected revolution. Always on web-connectivity allows companies to know users directly. Mobile apps and web-apps allow companies to understand what users actually use (vs say they use). Social networks allow marketers to identify key influencers in much smaller segments. And online tools allow real-time understanding of buying actions.

Like never before, this intersection between web-services, connected products, and our social networks is enabling companies to “build in” their marketing. With proper design and development forethought good products will sell themselves.

But the core marketing responsibilities when building a successful product line and company remain the same. When considering to embed these powerful web technologies into your offerings, make sure you don’t miss the forest for the trees. Use our framework to drive your process.

Where we can help.

Built-in Marketing is focused on helping you launch products and services that change your markets. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we work directly with your team to drive change in your organization. Our services are offered in two formats:

Strategy Services

We become your virtual CMO, either through direct oversight of your marketing efforts or by working with you to coach and shape your team and marketing program.

Product Development Services

We help you with a specific product marketing or go-to-market challenge, using the knowledge and frameworks we have found successful at both F100 companies as well as start-ups.


Strategy Services

We can help you develop the marketing function you need to succeed.

Developing your next growth opportunity

Future product planning forms the bedrock of any technology-based organization. To ensure the growth you need, “What is next” needs to be identified, nurtured, and executed. We can help you shape and direct your future. Our focus is on high-value creation activities with long-term impact:

  • Product Roadmap planning.
  • Development Milestone planning.
  • Business Model validation.

Building a high-performance marketing organization

Good marketing teams know how to identify the issues that drive success. Does yours? Such marketing problems don’t lend themselves to an easy resolution:

  • This is a new market – how do I get started?
  • Given my budget and goals, how do I allocate my marketing mix?
  • How do match my customer segments to the growth I need?
  • What metrics will drive my team and our success?
  • How much should I spend on marketing?

We help you solve marketing problems that can’t be outsourced.

Milestone Coaching

Often a good in-house team simply needs help in formulating action plans to reach major goals. Such activities include New Product Launches, Multi-year Business Plans, Competitive Response Actions, or Branding Reviews. We can develop and facilitate working sessions to drive these planning processes.


Product Development Services

Today’s environment demands that you build marketing into your products. Customers are now in charge – they take your message, shape your message, and deliver your message. You can help them. Design your marketing program into every part of your product and experience from Day One.

When you start to build-in your marketing, focus on these key areas:

  • Embedding use monitoring to automate customer feedback.
  • Building in customer referral to drive demand.
  • Identifying brand advocates and top influencers.
  • Making “social” features a part of your product’s experience.
  • Maximizing the use of the emerging web-services ecosystem.

Our approach will change your offerings from those being pushed around by the market, to those that make the market.

Step 1: Concept Validation and Development

The first step is to validate the concept with the intended target customers. Complete a market analysis of the intended product or service category, and an in-depth review of competing products, technologies and ecosystems.

  • Product Development.
    • Concept Evaluation.
    • Product Specification.
    • Project management.
  • Value Proposition and Category Development.
  • Customer Segmentation and Key User Needs.
  • Beta Program development and management.
  • Product Support program.

Step 2: Launch It!

You get one chance to do it right. If your product is news, now is the time to make sure the world hears it. And when customers reach you – you MUST engage them!

  • Branding and Positioning.
  • Messaging strategy and execution.
  • PR and Influencer program.
  • Website/Mobile strategy and design.
  • Channel Development and management.
  • “Test Drive” strategy and program.

Step 3: Accelerate Demand

For many products, a slow build is better than a fast burn through a lot of marketing dollars. While big brand campaigns are fun, only the biggest companies can really afford them. But by sticking to the basics, you can have every bit as much impact on your selected audience.

  • Online and Retail programs, In-store Display and programs.
  • Customer Relationship Management(CRM) & Email marketing.
  • Social Marketing programs.
    • Integration into products.
    • Leverage of installed base.
    • Content strategy and SEO program.
  • Program management.
    • Vendor selection and management.
    • Program optimization.
    • Marketing & Google Analytics.

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